Professional Outsourcing Services

We provide information technology (IT) professional outsourcing services, both individual services and turn-key solutions to the customer in application implementation such as software development, testing, quality insurance, and software support and maintenance. Our team, therefore, specializes in various technology and development tools such as Java, .Net. We are familiar with the current database management software such as Oracle, MS-SQL, and other related. In addition, we also provide the higher skill of software development life cycles such as System Analyst, Team Lead, and Project Manager to join-development with the customer while sensitives risk of project administration handle by the customers.

We also provide non-information technology (non-IT) outsourcing services, both individual and team-based solutions to the customer in the back-office administration such as human resources, finance and accounting, office administration, and other related office management expertise.


What is Outsourcing? Definitions, types, pros and cons, and Outsourcing Service

Outsource is the word term for people that are hired from one’s company to work for but they are not the company’s employee. Outsource is usually hired to the IT company for a fast-paced growth of the business, but some are work for the non-IT company. Outsourcers could be professionals, experts, or workers in some Acknowledgement and are hired for the small and medium to improve the work capability of the company. So, this helps the company grow faster

Software Development

Outsourcing definition,types, pros and cons, and our Outsourcing service

As we have said before that Outsourcing or outsource is the outside workers that work for one is company. Down here will tell more about related things, also our Outsourcing service.


Type of Outsourcing

Nowadays, there are plenty of Outsourcing types that could help the business grow faster. But the main and popular types of Outsourcing are

professional outsourcing

Professional Outsourcing

it outsourcing

IT Outsourcing

manufacturing outsourcing

Manufacturing Outsourcing

project outsourcing

Project Outsourcing

process outsourcing

Process Outsourcing

operational outsourcing

Operational Outsourcing

Sometimes, the types of Outsourcing are simply divided into two types

Nowadays, there are plenty of Outsourcing types that could help the business grow faster. But the main and popular types of Outsourcing are

Software Development

IT Outsourcing (Outsourcing that is related to the IT works and company)

Software Development

Non-IT Outsourcing (Outsourcing that is not related to the IT works).


Advantages of Outsourcing

  • Gain access to experts easier
  • Decrease company compensation and costs (cost of hiring, salary, and benefits)
  • Don’t need to hire more in-house employee
  • The company can hire the right man for the right job
  • Increase the company work efficiency
Software Development

Disadvantages of Outsourcing

  • Outsourcers are not related to the company
  • Outsourcers sometimes are less Efficient than in-house employees
  • Outsourcers need to take time to understand and applied to the company’s work method
  • Probably has the miscommunication between in-house employees and outsourcers
Software Development

APNS’s Outsourcing Service

We help the customers by providing recruitment solutions that help them find the right candidate based on their requirements. We review the current recruitment team, a process in place, and identify the gaps between their practices and the best practices in the industry. Then help the customer implement the best practices in their organization by handholding them through the process We implement the best practices for customers in the following areas.

  • APNS-permanent Process Improvement
  • APNS-permanent Workforce Planning
  • APNS-permanent Referral Programs
  • APNS-permanent Recruitment metrics
  • APNS-permanent Databases

Outsourcing is a way to improve the company’s overall performance and efficiency. When you are looking for employment solutions for your company, simply contact us. With just easy steps, you can achieve all of the workforce problems and become the more efficient version of your business.

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