Permanent Executive Placement

“When the company needs to recruit the executive, what is the best method to use?” The answer to this question might be “Permanent Executive” (or in an other name “Executive Recruitment”), a type of recruitment that only seeks manager-level candidate. This article will lead to the definition and more details of this, and our service explanation.


What is a Permanent Executive? Definition and Details of our service

Executive recruitment is the type of recruitment that the recruiters seek for manager-level (or upper) candidates. It is different from other type of recruitment at the process of choosing and acquiring candidates. Recruiters of Executive Recruitment are called “Headhunter”. They are aim to find the perfect match candidate for job and company. Candidates that they acquired are usually work in some company at the moment of acquiring, but recruiters have to make negotiation with candidates to make them come along with.


Permanent Executive: Details

Permanent executive has more details about it. We are leading you to the definition at first, and then, describe advantages and disadvantages, then, our service explanation.



Advantages The Permanent Executive service could provide the advantages as follow.


A fast way to hiring executive


Candidate guarantee in a period of 90-120 days from a new hire


The company can access the right candidates with easy steps


The company can get high-quality candidates


On the other side, The Permanent Executive service might affect something to the company like


It cost a lot of money (about the 15-30 percents of a candidate first-year salary)


Have to look for the trusted recruitment firm to ensure they can find the right candidates


APNS’s Permanent Executive Service

We help the customers find the right talent for their managerial and top management roles. With our recruitment expertise and our experience of performing recruitment for various companies. We have developed contacts with senior management in many companies, which helps us match the requirement. With the skill set of candidates and fill a vacant position with the top executive of our customers. We assess the candidates based on the understanding of the expected outcome and the core competencies required to do the job.We can help the customers by understanding the skill set required for the job to be done and hence recruit people in the

  • APNS-permanent Senior Management Level
  • APNS-permanent Middle Management Level
  • APNS-permanent Specialists (HR, Recruitment, Finance, Marketing, etc.)

Our service aims to provide the best way for your business to find the top managerial level candidate. When you need the “head” of your team, simply contact us for the top-class service of the industry. APNS consists of recruiters that you can expect the best from us.

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