Every 10th day of the month

Rental of notebooks paid in welfare benefits

After the contract Bonus in the case of the contract is paid in the next month's welfare cycle.

The company pays the wages of the month. From the date that the work started until the end of the month, such as starting March 25, 2019. The company will pay wages from 25-31 March 2019 at the end of the month.

Sick leave, sick leave with the supervisor at the job site before the start of the job and notify HR via email or line ad And write a letter after the employee comes to work Employees who have sick leave from 2 working days must have a medical certificate attached to every leaflet.

Leave a business notice and write a letter of resignation to the supervisor at the job site for approval at least 3 days in advance and notify HR via email or line ad

Send with timesheet in the first month of work

E-Slip The payroll department will send it to you after 3 days of salary, which will be sent to the company email.